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In which I rant about Daniel Tosh, swear and italicise a lot

So, regarding Daniel Tosh’s 'comedic comments' about rape. I see it being represented in debates as some sort of fight between humourless, overly sensitive, censorial ‘PC police’ (or ‘feminazis’, or whichever carefully devised piece of propaganda you happen to prefer) and humourful (?), emotionally strong bastions of free speech. Now I know he’s since ‘apologised’, for what it’s worth, but this does not stop people (including him) talking nonsense about this. So allow me to play devil’s advocate:

If you criticise a comedian for a joke, you are exercising your right to your free speech in response to theirs. To do so publicly, when you know most people disagree, and you’re most probably going to be made fun of and laughed at, actually shows strength, not weakness.

On the other hand, if you respond (as certain defenders of Tosh have) by saying that this person should not voice their criticism, you are the only one trying to curtail free speech in this situation. The original criticism does not amount to an attempt at censorship, it’s only a motherfucking criticism. That’s what free speech is.

Also, to respond to criticism of your work (it was actually just voicing disagreement but whatever), by attacking the critic ad hominem (and we’re really stretching the normal usage of that term there) betrays a certain sensitivity or insecurity about one’s comedic talents. Only people unable to think of an alternative brand of comedy would call their critics ‘humourless’ and assume that they just don’t ‘get’ humour, at all, as a concept. Like as if nothing is funny to us.

Surely in some dark recess of their mind, these people would wonder whether perhaps a different joke, maybe even a better, and not actually sexist joke, existed somewhere, out there, in that barren wilderness, through the clouds of cognitive dissonance, past the mountains of bigotry and down, down, down into the shrouded valleys of being a fucking cock to other people. Or is that it? Is that all ya got?

And yes that is an ad hominem criticism I just made, but fuck you if you can’t see the difference.

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