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Lack of popularity? Well aren’t you quite the optimist ;) This is beautiful Alfoxus. You know I’ve only recently begun listening to classical, Beethoven my gateway drug. So I will be looking to you for some great suggestions. No pressure :)

Beethoven was my gateway drug too funnily enough. The Moonlight Sonata was the first classical piece I remember liking (particularly 1st and 3rd movs). I’ve always had a slightly weird relationship with classical music as a result of having formal piano lessons as a kid and being made to practice pieces I didn’t like. But now that I’m writing my own music I’m on the lookout for inspiration wherever I can find it!

As for some suggestions…

So Russians and Romantics basically (if you discount Glass).

Hope that helps :)

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Shostakovich - Symphony no. 5

Philip Ridley had a life-changing formative experience when he first heard this as a teenager.

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