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Google "proud" of their tax avoidance scheme, "it's just capitalism" →


Well, yeah, but that doesn’t stop you being a tool, does it Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Knew we should have made them define ‘evil’ back in 2004.

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The real hidden economy of tax avoidance - PLUMBERS →

I mean sure UK Uncut protesters get beaten, pepper-sprayed and arrested for protesting the billions unpaid by Vodafone, Philip Green etc.

Also there’s that £13 trillion of global wealth locked up in offshore tax havens by people whose job it is to borrow your money then gamble it - a valuable and necessary service to society I’m sure you’ll agree.

But treasury minister David Gauke, in his wisdom, has correctly identified that the biggest problem is the ‘morally wrong’ practice of plumbers taking cash in hand.

About time, I say. Any given weekday I can look out my window and see swarms of plumbers, running around in their Gucci coveralls, brandishing their golden spanners, thinking they can lord it over the rest of us. They live in the lap of luxury and what do they even do? What do we get out of the bargain?

Those fucking plumbers.

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Senator Bernie Sanders on corporate tax avoidance in the USA. Go him.

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